Thesis management system


The thesis phase is a challenging phase in education for both students and supervisors. By using a thesis management system in both the Bachelor and Master phase, all those involved gain insight into open actions and progress of the individual trajectory. In addition, it can help record communication and intermediates so that possible differences in interpretations of agreements are kept to a minimum. Within the faculties there are various "custom" solutions available, which are now end-of-life and must be replaced. Also, not every faculty meets the legal obligation by storing the Bachelor's and Master's theses in the (UB) repository; New technological platforms have now been developed and are available. Functionalities developed within the faculties can be included for inspiration.

Project goal

The goals achieved during the project:

  • There is support for a widely supported thesis process, in which the programs recognize their own variations of the process.
  • An inventory has been made of the functional and non-functional requirements for a thesis management system for both the Bachelor and the Master phase.
  • The Faculty Information Managers (ESE, RSM, ESL, ESSB, Erasmus MC) have reached an agreement and it has been decided to follow the advice of the Architecture Board and to initially investigate the solution for Thesis Management based on 'Reuse SIN Online'.

This project has carried out an inventory of the functional and non-functional requirements of a thesis management system for both the Bachelor's and Master's theses. A EUR-wide thesis management system contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of education through coordination, progress monitoring and securing of the thesis process. By combining more transparency in this process with digital file creation and accreditation-proof reporting, the quality and efficiency of education is increased.

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