Educational videos 'Disorders in Children' (ESSB)

Child playing with different colours of clay
  • Requester and project leader ESSB: Rianne Kok

  • Animations: Moville

  • Project managers CLI: Romy van Leeuwen en Rachel Ligtvoet (Risbo)

Developing educational videos for the course “Orthopedagogy: Disorders in children”

With this innovation, animations and educational videos are developed for the course “Orthopedagogy: Disorders in children” (in Dutch: Orthopedagogie: Stoornissen bij kinderen) of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. In this second-year course, students learn a lot of factual information about disorders that occur in childhood. For example about characteristics, prevalence numbers and DSM-V criteria for diagnosing disorders like ADHD and autism. In the seminars, discussing this factual information costs a lot of time. This happens at the expense of the deeper discussion about the causes and consequences of these disorders.


By developing short educational videos about characteristics, prevalence and DSM-V criteria of disorders with children, there is time in the seminars for in-depth discussions. Besides, short animations will be developed of the “problems” in problem-oriented learning, causing an active impulse for discussions about the disorders. If the videos are well received, more videos will be created about the other disorders in this programme.


When the project has finished and has been evaluated, the results will be published. 

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