Regulated Competition in Healthcare Systems: Theory & Practice (ESHPM)

  • Requester and project leader ESHPM: Richard van Kleef

  • Project manager CLI: Marit Nieuwenhuys (Risbo)

Regulated competition in healthcare systems: Theory and practice

This Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) helps students understand the theory and practice of regulated competition in healthcare systems.

Around the world, many countries - including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Israel and the United States - have implemented or consider implementation of the ‘regulated competition’ model in their healthcare systems. This model aims to combine the benefits of competition with the benefits of regulation. More specifically, well-designed competition among health insurers and among healthcare providers can stimulate these actors to use resources wisely. Well-designed regulation can help to manage and protect competition and to make healthcare affordable for all, including the sick and the poor.

Over the past decades the lecturers in this MOOC have extensively studied the design of regulated competition in various countries. They strongly believe that their knowledge can be of great value to students, researchers and policymakers who are interested in healthcare system reform. This MOOC consists of a mixture of video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts, readings and assignments. After this MOOC students will be able to explain the motivation of regulated competition in healthcare systems. Moreover, they will be able to describe the principles of regulated competition and the preconditions that must be fulfilled in order to make the model work.

Expected launch date: September 2019

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