Holography in education

This academic year, the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) is exploring how holography can be used for education. This will be done using the innovative Holobox. 

The Holobox, a lightbox with an LED screen, offers the ability to project life-size holograms of both people and objects. This versatile tool goes beyond playing pre-recorded videos or animations: live presentations can also take place via the Holobox. This makes it possible to put a professor from the other side of the world in front of a group or to extend a classroom. The addition of an integrated camera and microphone allows audience members to actively participate in the session by asking questions to the speaker.


From Q2 2023 to Q2 2024, the CLI will explore what holography can do for education. Together with students and teachers, opportunities will be explored and the best way to use the Holobox will be examined. To explore the possibilities and to gain experience, regular test moments will be organised in the Education Lab.

Several experiments have taken place recently, such as:

  • Hololunches: lunch sessions where a speaker from another university is projected and gives a presentation. 
  • Skills trainings: trainings by LifeVersity to help students improve their presentation skills. Through the Holobox, students could watch themselves back and reflect on their presentation skills.
  • Projection of historical figures - such as Desiderius Erasmus himself!

More information

Are you curious about what the Holobox can do for you? Would you like to see the tool in action? Or do you have ideas for using the Holobox? Then contact Bram van Essen or come to one of the next Hololunches!

Bram van Essen

CLI project manager

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