Pilot Hybrid Education

  • Requesting people: Monique Kluck, Eefje Markus, Quincy Breidel, Pieter van Baarle, Marieke Veenstra, Kris Stabel

  • Projectmanager CLI: Fem Windhorst

Pilot Hybrid Education

In Corona time, we have been experimenting continuously with hybrid education. Hybrid education is a form of learning that involves both students physically present and online students. Ideally, it was our wish to teach all students on campus, but not everyone was allowed or able to be physically present. Practice showed, however, that dividing the attention between- and involving both groups equally is difficult. Hybrid education therefore requires a well thought-out educational design. Moreover it calls for technical equipment that supports the teacher to fully focus attention on the content and activating both groups. Our pilot for hybrid education has the aim to improve the quality and efficiency of hybrid education at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


From September 2021 to December 2021, the following rooms have been equipped with hybrid facilities for this pilot:

  • Theil CB2, CB3, CB4 – in these rooms you start Zoom from the teacher PC (manual)
  • Theil CB1, CB5, C2-1, C2-2, C2-3, C2-4, C2-5, C2-6 – these are so-called Zoom rooms where you start Zoom from the panel in the room (manual).
  • Virtual Classroom – in studio 4 above the auditorium – here you can teach completely online with a maximum of 2 people.

Please note that in other classrooms on campus the possibility to teach in an a-synchronous hybrid manner already existed. For hybrid teaching in other rooms than the above-mentioned, you will have to use these (Panopto) facilities.

Technical support by student assistants

Using the Zoom rooms requires some training, but experience shows that for most teachers, reading the manual, attending a demo and one-time help with start-up is sufficient to be able to work independently in Zoom rooms. The support team, consists of student assistants Milou – Anne – Janne – Ciaran – Helena - Esmee, are trained to explain and support teachers about the technique. You can request support by sending an email to hybrid@eur.nl well before your first lecture.

Educational support

Do you work in a hybrid form and do you need didactical support to serve both target groups as well as possible? Please contact us or get inspired by the teaching activities of teachEUR .

Aim of the pilot:

If the EUR wants to further develop hybrid and online-only education, adjustments are necessary. In this pilot, we are trying out didactic and technical interventions to organise this education in such a way that it is pleasant for instructors and students and contributes to increasing the quality of education. The educational experiences of lecturers and students will be evaluated and will result in an advisory report with recommendations for the organisation of hybrid education, adjustments to the technical facilities in the rooms and the associated training and support for lecturers.

For whom:

All lecturers who are scheduled in the above-mentioned rooms can use the hybrid facilities. In addition, a number of lecturers registered for the pilot at an early stage. They are scheduled with priority in these halls.


The pilot hybrid education will run from September 2021 to June 2022.

We are executing this pilot to try out new technology and didactics. The student assistant team is there to help solve technical problems if they occur. You can reach them via hybrid@eur.nl or by calling 010 408 90 20.

This initiative is linked to ErasmusU_Online, which facilitates the organization of online-only education EUR-wide.

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