Pilot Hybrid Education

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  • Requesting people: Monique Kluck, Eefje Markus, Quincy Breidel, Pieter van Baarle, Marieke Veenstra, Kris Stabel

  • Projectmanager CLI: Ivar van de Loo

Pilot Hybrid Education

For the pilot hybrid rooms, rooms in Theil have been equipped with extra equipment. After several months of experimenting and learning a lot, it has become apparent that with the current equipment of these rooms it is not possible to offer both online and offline students the same learning experience. At the same time, we note that the current facilities still meet a need. Therefore, here is a brief overview of what you can and cannot do in these rooms:


Not possible

Set up live Zoom connection

Set up breakout rooms via the panel

Raise Zoom-hand to raise a question

Use Zoom chat via the panel

Un-mute students one by one

Use 'mute all' function of Zoom via the panel

Online student's audio is reinforced in lecture hall when un-muted

Campus student's audio is reinforced in Zoom (can be done with an extra microphone or catchbox)

Lecturer audio available in lecture hall and in Zoom at the same time

Equal discussion with online and offline participants at the same time

Presentation is visible in lecture hall and in Zoom at the same time


Getting to know the equipment

Are you planning to teach hybrid classes next academic year and have you worked in a hybrid classroom before? The use of the Zoom rooms requires some training, but experience shows that for most teachers following the steps below is sufficient to work independently in Zoom rooms.

  1. Read the manual and set Zoom correctly.
  2. Follow one of the demonstrations (dates, times and locations below).
  3. Organize a trial session yourself before your course starts.
  4. If something does not work after that, please contact MSC Helpdesk.

NB. Student Assistants (SA) from CLI are only available for demonstrations, no longer for help during classes. If you work with an SA yourself, you can take him/her with you to the demonstration.


Demonstrations can be arranged upon request. Please email ivar.vandeloo@eur.nl or cli@eur.nl with the preferred day and time and the number of people. Requests have to be submitted at least three working days in advance.


  • Theil CB1, CB5, C2-1, C2-2, C2-3, C2-4, C2-5, C2-6 – these are so-called Zoom rooms where you start Zoom from the panel in the room (manual).
  • Virtual Classroom – in studio 4 above the auditorium – here you can teach completely online with a maximum of 2 people.

Educational support

Do you work in a hybrid form and do you need didactical support to serve both target groups as well as possible? Please contact the Learning and Innovation team of your own School, or get inspired by the teaching activities of teachEUR.


The pilot experimented with didactic and technical interventions to organize hybrid education in such a way that it is pleasant for teachers and students and contributes to increasing the quality of education. The teaching experiences of teachers and students have been evaluated and have resulted in an advisory memorandum with recommendations. 

This initiative is linked to ErasmusU_Online, which facilitates the organization of online-only education EUR-wide.

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