SOWISO within RSM Education (RSM)

  • Requester and project leader RSM: Arco Jansen

  • Project manager CLI: Arco Jansen

Improving mathematical education within RSM

Within RSM education, in many courses, students have to learn mathematical skills. Examples of these mathematical skills are statistics, accounting, and calculus. Traditionally mathematical courses prove to be the toughest courses for students, which also shows in the passing rates of this kind of courses. Students often find it difficult to understand the material, and the teachers often have too little time during their course to provide every student with personal guidance. To solve this problem in previous years we used a tool called Maple T.A. in multiple RSM courses. However, we have experienced many troubles with this system, causing teachers to decide to no longer use the system in their courses, while still having the need for more personal guidance for their students.

Therefore, we would like to try out SOWISO, an e-learning platform, with a focus on mathematics and subjects alike. SOWISO offers a conversion tool for questions from Maple T.A. to SOWISO, so the work done in previous years can also be saved.


The goal of the innovation is to improve mathematical education within RSM by providing more personal guidance to the students. In this way, we hope to improve guidance for students, and we strive for better understanding of these tough subjects for our students.

With this project, we hope to prove the value of SOWISO, and to talk with the other faculties about broader implementation of the tool within EUR education. From RSM, a knowledge sharing session could be set-up to talk about the further use of SOWISO within EUR education.


Results will be shared after the project evaluation.

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