Student Onboarding Online Module (RSM)

  • Requesters and project leaders RSM: Anna de Waard-Leung, Danielle Schouten, Rosina Ozturk-Ankomah

  • Project manager CLI: Arco Jansen

Improving the student onboarding process

There is currently no structured student onboarding process before the start of the academic year, to make them familiar with the processes and systems of RSM – for example the learning platform Canvas. This makes that students are overwhelmed with tons of new information at the beginning of their studies, which distracts them from their learning, resulting in poor academic performance and momentum of studies.


We’d like to create an easy, short online module (via Canvas) where students learn about what it means to be a student at RSM and receive need-to-know information on our processes and systems in 5-6 easy steps, well in advance of their programme studies. These steps are accompanied with short videos and conclude with a video of a student going through their first academic course.

Our main ambition is to improve the quality of our education and the experience of students joining our school by smoothening the onboarding process. With the student onboarding online module, all students will be better informed on our school, their programme, our processes, and our systems – disregarding when they are accepted onto the programme and when they arrive on campus. Students will not only be informed of our processes and systems, but will also get a clear understanding on what it means to be a student at RSM and what is expected from them in terms of mindset and behavior. This will allow students to primarily focus on the content of their studies and reduce wasted energy on practical issues – and hence enhance the overall MSc student experience.


When the project has been evaluated, the results will be published.  

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