Studying Cities; Social Methods for Urban Research (IHS)

  • Requesters and project leaders IHS: Jan Fransen & Somesh Sharma

  • Project manager CLI: Romy van Leeuwen (Risbo)

Development of the MOOC 'Studying Cities: Social Methods for Urban Research'

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that has been developed, named Studying Cities: Social Methods for Urban Research, is an introductory course for prospective IHS students. The use of this MOOC creates flexible and interactive education for students both in and outside of IHS.


The goal of this course is to organise, increase the flexibility, and internationalise the education of IHS. The MOOC gives all the students access to the course material, which makes them able to prepare themselves from home before doing a study at IHS. The fact that a MOOC isn’t tied to a location makes it accessible for international students to do the course. The course consists of knowledge clips, case studies, discussion assignments, quizzes and hand-in assignments.


When the project has been evaluated, the results will be published.  

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