Film studio at Campus Woudestein.

The studio-area consists of a large recording studio, two smaller DIY-booths and a podcast studio. There's also a make-up room, an editing room, and a directing room. The studio can be used by lecturers, support staff, and students that are working on innovating education but is also available for other projects. 

What do you want to use the studio for?

The studio staff is happy to support you in organizing live events such as talk shows or webinars.

Planning and intake
To get started, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page as much as possible. After receiving the completed form, we will check if the desired date is available. Then we'll schedule an intake with you to work on your ideas. Based on this intake and your budget, we will give you an estimation of the costs. 

Opening hours
Although recordings preferably take place between 9:00 and 17:00, we sometimes make an exception for live events in the evening. When filling out the application form, please let us know if it concerns an event in the evening. Note that live events usually require a lot of preparation time. Therefore, please contact us at least six weeks in advance. 

Dies Natalis 2020

Dies Natalis 2020

RSM Open Lecture: Challenges and Opportunities of AI

Erasmus TV 41

Erasmus TV 41 - How are students feeling about the transition to online education?

If you would like to use the studio to shoot professional videos that will be widely used (for example, for a MOOC or informational video), Studio 1 is the place to go.

Contact us
Please let us know in the form at the bottom of this page what your wishes and ideas are for the videos. For example, how many videos you want to record, what the deadline of the project is, and what your ideas are about the design. If you already have material, like a PowerPoint presentation or script, please upload it as an attachment.   

Intake and estimation
Upon receiving the completed form, we will schedule an intake with you in which we will work on your ideas. Based on the intake, we will give you an estimation of the costs. 

Opening hours
Please note: the studio is often fully booked for a month. For this reason, we advise you to contact us at least six weeks before you want to start recording. Recordings take place from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 17:00.  

Innovation projects
Does your project contribute to the innovation and improvement of the initial education? If so, you may be eligible for (financial) support from the CLI. Click here for more information about applying for an innovation project. 

Trailer Sustainable Finance

Master in Philosophy

Do you want to create short videos to support your educational material? Why not record it in a DIY booth! In a DIY booth you can record good quality videos independently, at a time that suits you. 

At this moment the DIY booths are only available to teachers and other employees of the Erasmus University. You can find all information on how to book a booth and how to best prepare yourself by clicking on 'More information'. Please note that you can no longer use the form below to reserve a booth!

More information

To record a podcast, you can use the podcast studio. This studio is located above the Aula (Auditorium). The studio is furnished with a table with four microphones. 

Please let us know in the form at the bottom of this webpage that you would like to record a podcast, and on what date. We will then schedule a short intake with you to discuss the recording. The podcast studio is available from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 17:00. 

Please bring your own laptop for the recording. To record, Audacity must be downloaded on your laptop. You can download Audacity from their website, or from the EUR's Software Center. A user manual is available in the studio itself. Please note that recordings in the podcast studio are done without a technician. 

Recording in the podcast studio is free of charge (maximum 4 hours). 

Editing is not included in the costs. If you would like someone from the studio to edit the podcast, this will cost an additional €70 per man-hour. 

To publish your podcast, contact The EUR offers employees the possibility of using the hosting service Transistor free of charge. Via Transistor the podcast will be automatically uploaded on various streaming platforms. More information about this can be found on MyEUR.  

In addition to projects in the studio, we are happy to support you with other audiovisual projects. Would you like to shoot a professional video on location or have an animation video made? Feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page!


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