Golden opportunities in education

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a place full of knowledge and inspiration. Several EUR lecturers wanted to share their golden opportunities that they have used during the COVID-19 pandemic and the switch to online education. All videos are clearly displayed on this page. Be inspired as a fellow teacher and save time so that you don't have to invent everything yourself.

  • Watch Sarah's video about the golden opportunity in her teaching.
    Her golden opportunity was to stabilize the uneasiness that existed around the pandemic by being a human. This is in line with the teaching activity 'Stay human' at teachEUR which is submitted by Radhika Mittal.

  • Watch Ana's video about the golden opportunity in her teaching. 
    A golden opportunity in education for her was the moment where she effectively had to start looking for different spaces to have her classes during the COVID crisis.

  • Watch Jurgen's video about the golden opportunity in his teaching: The Clinical Challenge app.
    The Clinical Challenge app is designed to help students to familiarize themselves with high-quality pathophysiological heart and lung sounds that match with cases in the subsequent contact education.


  • Watch Aleid's video about the golden opportunity in her teaching. Her education hack is: double student interaction by splitting up your tutorial groups.

  • Watch Floor's video about the golden opportunity in her teaching. She will tell you about several education opportunities she discovered during COVID-19.

  • Watch Jan-Willem's video about the golden opportunity in his teaching. He transferred a real-life game into a online game.

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