Research and training institute Risbo organises various teaching courses for lecturers at the Erasmus University. After completing a course, the lecturer is awarded a certificate and registration in EUR's HR system.

To boost the professional development of EUR lecturers, the CLI gives additional attention and financing to the SUTQ and LEC courses.

  • In 2018 the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) was adapted to make it more in line with the new educational vision. This new BUTQ is blended and more activating.

    The participation of lecturers in the UTQ, which is mandatory for all EUR lecturers, is financed by the faculties themselves.


  • In the Senior University Teaching Qualification (SUTQ), lecturers learn how to plan their courses afresh. Special attention is given to activating students and the use of digital teaching resources.

    To stimulate the participation in the SUTQ, the CLI finances half of the participation fee. The other half is financed by the faculties themselves.


  • In the Leadership in Education Course (LEC), at multidisciplinary level is key. In this course, lecturers learn to shape innovation in terms of content and process.

    To stimulate the participation in the LEC, the CLI finances half of the participation fee (€ 5,000 per participant). The other half is financed by the faculties themselves. Participants are nominated by the Dean.

  • The SEQ (Senior Examination Qualification) is meant to strengthen the professional development of lecturer members of the EUR exam committees and/or programme coordinators.

    This new initiative was supported by the Community for Learning & Innovation. The qualification is available for all EUR Schools and will be financed by EUR Schools themselves.

    Testimonial of a SEQ participant:
    In March 2020, I was part of the first group to start the Senior Examination Qualification (SEQ) course with 7 of my colleagues at ESSB. A very educational and valuable process! What made it so educational and valuable? To begin with, this course really helps you to make time to work on the assessment quality of the program. As program director of the bachelor Public Administration, I have to recalibrate the assessment plan of our program. In the SEQ, we worked with our own assessment plans so that we could immediately process the insights we obtained. We also analyzed and discussed the assessment policies and assessment plans of other study programs. This benchmark provided useful insights into our own assessment policy and assessment plan. Finally, the composition of participants during this course was very valuable. The group consisted of people from program management, the examination board and educational policy advisors of our own faculty. This allowed us to discuss insights from different angles and we also gained more insight into each other's tasks and responsibilities. During the course we were constantly challenged and supported by the people from Risbo to get the most out of the trajectory, which resulted in a good basis for the assessment quality of our program. In short, a course that I can wholeheartedly recommend!

    Brenda Vermeeren
    Associate Professor of Public Administration

    Program director Bachelor Public Administration

    You can find more information about SEQ at the website of RISBO

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