Meet Our Theme Leaders

  • Marloes Nederhand

    Educational research

    Marloes Nederhand, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in educational psychology and curriculum innovation at the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral sciences (ESSB). Her research focusses on the judgements people make of their own performance and how to improve these to enhance performance. For this research, she collaborates with different faculties within the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Furthermore, Marloes teaches courses on educational innovation and academic writing.

    Within the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI), Marloes is the theme lead education research. In that capacity, she encourages evidence-based practices in education and educational research on educational innovation at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. For her own CLI fellowship, Marloes studied how to improve student engagement in course evaluations. She is now involved as co-promotor on a PhD project that further examines this issue.

  • Kris Stabel

    Education Innovator

    Kris Stabel is a senior educational advisor and theme leader Education Innovation within the CLI. Kris has gained a lot of experience in the field of education, first as a teacher in secondary education, then as an educational project manager and project manager e-learning at various educational agencies. You can turn to Kris with all your questions about educational innovation, both technically and process-wise. If you want to strengthen your education based on the most recent educational insights and technical possibilities, then Kris takes your ideas a few steps further.

  • Remy Fermont

    Professional Development of Lecturers

    Remy Fermont is an educational advisor and, together with Jeroen Jansz, leads the theme Professional development of lecturers within the CLI. Remy has a lot of experience in training, coaching and guiding teachers and is driven to improve education in collaboration with teachers. First as educational advisor for teachers and managers in primary education and now for several years at the EUR. She has been involved in the development and design of the MicroLab concept and is now coordinating the further development and implementation of the MicroLabs. You can contact Remy with questions about participating in or developing training programmes of trajectories for various stakeholders in education.

  • Mikulas Karger

    Student Projects

    Jan Mikulas Karger, a third year RSM student, is the project manager of S4S. He is responsible for assisting partnerships and initiatives with the generation and advancement of their ideas for educational improvements. Furthermore, he is responsible for internal projects of the S4S. You can contact Mikulas with any questions regarding the realisation of new ideas that would improve education on the Erasmus university campus.

    Meet the other Student-for-Student team members here.


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