The S4S team

  • Nick Tennekes

    CLI Core Team Member Students-for-Students

    My name is Nick, I am 23 years old and live in Rotterdam. Recently, I obtained by BSc in Business Administration and next year I will be a MSc student in Finance & Investments.

    What would you like to improve in our education?

    I think that a more personalized curriculum, for example by including more electives or different modules, could be very beneficial for personal development. Besides being able to create your own ‘specialization’, students would be able to explore different interests. Moreover, I think that students should be more involved in the innovation of their education since they could bring a fresh perspectives to the discussion. 

  • Mikulas Karger

    Project Manager Students-for-Students

    I am passionate about the multimedia side of education innovation, I believe that students should have more tools and opportunities to create content and media platforms on our campus.

  • Andreea Maria Butnaru

    Student-assistent Students-for-Students

    My name is Andreea Maria Butnaru and I am currently doing my MSc in Fiscal Economics after having finished my BSc in Fiscal Economics at the EUR. As I have had the opportunity to study for several years on the Erasmus University campus and to be part of several student and study associations, I have been in contact with a lot of students and having exchanged our point of view on the current educational system made me realize that innovation is necessary. With the rise of CLI, emphasis is placed on improving education on our campus and the Students-for-Students platform offers students the opportunity to contribute to improving and innovating education themselves. As a student myself, I see a lot of value in students having the chance to contribute to the discussion on educational innovation and helping the system fit the needs of the future generation of students.

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