ECE Students

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students) is the official entrepreneurial association of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and a special project of Europe’s leading entrepreneurial accelerator, The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE). We contribute to the dynamic and ever-changing startup ecosystem of Rotterdam, all the while supporting entrepreneurial-minded students in their academic and professional journeys. 

With both our horizontal organisational structure – and frankly eccentric culture – we give our active member community the freedom and liberty to create and inspire their own events.This creates a multitude of learning opportunities as active members gain unique networking and event management skills. We at ECE Students are ready to Power What’s Next. And the purpose of it all? To provide the right tools and resources for the brilliant entrepreneurial minds we know are all across EUR.


Cailin Greiner - President of ECE Students 2019/2020
“ECE Students aim to provide the entrepreneurial students of the EUR Campus any tools and resources they would need to establish their own venture, with the support and guidance of Students-For-Students. Their partnership has proven valuable to us, enabling us to have the funds to develop ourselves as a young association and take our events to the next level. Making use of the campus facilities has never been easier, and we cannot wait to see where this partnership will take us this year.”


Whether you have a question, inquiry, or an idea of your own, feel free to visit our website and reach out to our team via social media or come visit us in H16-09. Alternatively, you can also drop us a line at

Picture: ECE Students Board 2019/20