A policy measure to promote fairness and gender equality at EUR

About D&I at EUR

The Diversity & Inclusion Office is concerned with creating targeted and effective policies that promote a safe learning and working environment and social equity for all. The office exchanges information, connects, supports and gives advice to all units within EUR that are responsible for ensuring a safe environment and social equity for all members of our community. This is through new policies and activities, such as; guidelines for equality proof recruitment and selection, and exemption from teaching or research after pregnancy, training for leadership on (un)wanted behaviour and implicit bias, and in promoting the appointment of an ombudsman to address academic harassment and promote student welfare. The office also works with student deans for functionally impaired students and student groups.

In all of our activities, we prioritise engagement with relevant internal and external stakeholders and target groups and work towards furthering all aspects of D&I to ultimately embed social safety and social equity as integral, and institutionalised elements at EUR for everyone.

Do you have questions suggestions or remarks regarding who we are and what we do? Feel free to stop by our Diversity & Inclusion Office! We are available each week  from Monday until Friday. Besides that, you can always give us a call or send us an e-mail.

D&I at Erasmus