Diversity & Inclusion Office

Erasmus University Rotterdam works hard on her ambitions regarding diversity and inclusion. That is why a central Diversity & Inclusion Office has been created, with a Diversity team which is committed to furthering diversity and inclusion at the university. Besides that, each faculty is in the process of appointing their own Faculty Diversity Officer (FDO). Soon, a list with all FDOs will be published here.

Do you have questions suggestions or remarks regarding who we are and what we do? Feel free to stop by our Diversity & Inclusion Office! We are available each week  from Monday until Friday. Besides that, you can always give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Staff of the Diversity & Inclusion Office

  • Prof. Semiha Denktaş - Chief Diversity Officer
  • Dr Gwen de Bruin, Programme Manager Diversity & Inclusion
  • Amela Okanovic MSc., Project Manager Diversity & Inclusion, focus on students
  • Brenda Karsan: Diversity & Inclusion Office

Erasmus Building / AB-47
3062 PA Rotterdam 

Email: diversity@eur.nl

Infographic Diversity and Inclusion