Financial Support FAQ

This is a non-exhaustive list of questions related to the 25/25 policy measure. The page will be regularly updated as the policy initiative develops. Please feel free to submit your questions at

Eligible participants, based on feedback from the committee, will make a plan on what actions they will undertake to improve their portfolio. 

There is a two-part answer to this question:

(a) There is no change to the monetary support. The 25/25 policy measure and faculties have agreements about these budgets.

(b) Only participants who receive an advice noting that their portfolio is ‘nearly ready for submission’ (i.e., after bridging a specific development need) qualify for funding. Funding is not available in case of the following advices—ready for promotion or needs more time.

There is no pre-determined list of activities that can be funded. If you receive an assessment saying ‘nearly ready for submission,’ you are eligible for monetary support. Members of the independent committee may offer clear suggestions on what these development needs are and you will be urged to draw up a plan with your mentor on how you can best use the monetary support to bridge the gap (e.g., through a workshop, academic coaching, recruiting a research assistant, etcetera). At this time, there is no application or selection process; however, we will ask for a brief plan of action (more details will be available later in the programme).

For further questions about the EUR 25/25 policy measure, please contact dr. Vidhi Chaudhri or dr. Katarina Putnik (

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