Impartial Feedback FAQ

This is a non-exhaustive list of questions related to the 25/25 policy measure. The page will be regularly updated as the policy initiative develops. Please feel free to submit your questions at

The feedback is provided in a written form. Besides the scoring (1-3) participants also obtains concrete feedback on the portfolio:

1)    Where is their portfolio strong? 
2)    Are there areas that need improvement? 
3)    What exactly should be improved?

No, the advice is independent and confidential. Only the participant will have access to the Committee’s feedback. 

It is advisory, based on internal promotion criteria given by esteemed professors in the field. It is based on valued end expert opinion, but is non-binding. For official promotion decisions, the internal selection committee of the faculty remains the body with binding advice.

It is up to the candidate to decide whether to share the feedback obtained. Naturally, a positive feedback may strengthen the case for negotiation from the candidate’s side. However, the faculties reserve the right to make different choices.

This feedback is strictly confidential. No-one, besides the applicant herself, will be able to see this information. 

If it is the case that there are some participants of the 25/25 policy measure that receive positive advice from the independent and internal committee, but that there is no opportunity to grow due to financial aspects, it will open a room for dialogue: When would there be such an opportunity? What is the estimated timeline? Can an agreement be made about this timeline? Is there room to grow at another department/or even another faculty within the EUR? In case there is no/limited chances for growth, the female participant has, in any case, more clarity about the possibility for her career progression. She can decide whether to wait for such an opportunity within the EUR or look for opportunities outside of EUR.

For further questions about the 25/25 policy measure, please contact us:

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