Independent Committee FAQ

This is a non-exhaustive list of questions related to the 25/25 policy measure. The page will be regularly updated as the policy measure develops. Please feel free to submit your questions at

Committee members are internal and external professors who are familiar with the professional field of the participant. A mix of internal and external members ensures an objective, non-biased, decision. 

The members of the committee will base their advice on the official written criteria for promotion that is used in the faculty of the participant. Each portfolio will be judged independently, using these internal promotion criteria.

Independent committees will review portfolios and offer their confidential advice in accordance with the formal, written, criteria of the respective faculty. These criteria will soon be uploaded to CANVAS as part of the portfolio preparation workshop, and subsequently shared with members of the independent committees.

The answer depends on the faculty criteria for promotion. If the faculty recognizes excellence in teaching as an area of impact in promotion decisions, the independent committee will certainly take this into account. To this end, the 25/25 policy measure tries to ensure that faculty criteria for promotion are clear and easily available to all staff (and independent committee) members. Knowledge of the faculty criteria is a vital step in already building a portfolio for career advancement.

Each portfolio obtains one of the following outcomes: 1 (ready for submission to the faculty VCL/BAC committee). 2 (nearly ready for submission, mentioning what needs to be still achieved prior to submission of the portfolio) 3 (not there yet-candidate needs to work on a number of items to satisfy the promotion criteria). Furthermore, for scores 2 and 3, committee members will give specific feedback concerning the areas where the participant needs to strengthen their portfolio. 

It is true that some faculties are in the process of revising their criteria. However, the faculties are fully aware of the importance of the formal, written criteria for the portfolio preparation and assessment in the 25/25 policy measure. The criteria we have received from the faculties are the ones that are currently in use, and the ones that will be used in round 1. The project team is in regular contact with the faculties, so participants do not need to keep track of changes. If at all there are any foreseen changes to the criteria in the duration of the programme, we will have a conversation with the faculties and also inform the participants of the attendant implications.

If it is the case that there are some participants of the 25/25 policy measure that receive positive advice from the independent and internal committee, but that there is no opportunity to grow due to financial aspects, it will open a room for dialogue: when would there be such an opportunity? What is the estimated timeline? Can an agreement be made about this timeline? Is there room to grow at another department/or even another faculty within the EUR? In case there is no/limited chances for growth, the female participant has, in any case, more clarity about the possibility for her career progression. She can decide whether to wait for such an opportunity within the EUR or look for opportunities outside of EUR. Please note that the project team will monitor closely if there is a similar trend in faculty reactions to the independent advice.

For further questions about the 25/25 policy measure, please contact dr. Vidhi Chaudhri or dr. Katarina Putnik (

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