Erasmus University Rotterdam has several networks that strive to improve the diversity amongst and the inclusion of students and staff members of the university.

Erasmus Pride

Erasmus Pride is the network for students and employees of the Erasmus University Rotterdam aimed at LGBTQ+ issues. Our goal is to connect and educate all those on the Erasmus University Rotterdam through lectures and social drinks. 

Interested? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn or contact us through to learn more about upcoming events. We are also open to other information and contact surrounding LGBTQ+ issues.

FAME (Female Academics Moving toward Equity)  

FAME is an interdisciplinary initiative to stimulate the participation and empowerment of women in the university.

Young Erasmus Academy

Young Erasmus Academy is a network of young researchers from multiple disciplines within Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Young@EUR is the organisation for all the young (<36 years) staff members of the university.

“Diversity lays bare differences and always results in friction

Welmer de Groot is the chairman of Erasmus Pride

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