Erasmus Sustainable

Together towards a sustainable academy

Sustainability is very much in the spotlight, and rightly so. Fortunately more and more people are starting to realise that making the way we live in the world more sustainable – both close to home and internationally – is essential for present and future generations.

National Sustainability Day all year round
Did you know that Erasmus University is doing its best to be sustainable year-round? Read this to see what you can do be an environmental hero (almost) every day.
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World Veggie Day
Our university restaurants offer an incredible array of meat (and dairy-free) food for you to try without breaking the bank.
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9 Tips for a sustainable lifestyle
Learn what you can do as a student or employee of Erasmus University Rotterdam, to contribute to a green campus.
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Cup sharing on campus
Cup-sharing on campus is a new initiative by the Erasmus Sustainability Hub and Post Plastic Generation. They try to replace disposable cups on campus with re-usable ones.
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Vegetarian lunches become the norm
The Erasmus University faculties have all adopted an initiative of the University Council to make vegetarian products the standard option for lunch orders.
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Derk Loorbach during Sustainability the next level
Successful first conference on sustainability
The conference was organised to gather input for the university’s ambitions with respect to sustainability in relation to research, education and operational management.
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