Researchers on Wellbeing & Accessibility

Health and wellbeing are the pillars on which our lives rest on. They are of immense importance, and it concerns every member of society. The definition of 'Wellbeing' means viewing it as not merely an absence of physical and mental illness. Instead, it means a state of physical, emotional and mental health where individuals can engage meaningfully in their learning or work and be able to contribute to the wider community. Here, you can find an overview of all the researchers at the Erasmus University Rotterdam who conduct academic research relating to Health and Wellbeing.


  • prof.dr. (Jane Murray) JM Cramm

    Jane Murray Cramm is a Full Professor at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.&nbsp…
    prof.dr. (Jane Murray) JM Cramm
  • prof.dr. (Semiha) S Denktas

    Prof. Semiha Denktaş (Istanbul, 1973) studied Clinical & Health Psychology at Utrecht University and Integration & Migration Studies at the Erasmus…
    prof.dr. (Semiha) S Denktas
  • prof.dr. (Hans) JLW van Kippersluis

    Hans van Kippersluis is a Professor of Applied Economics. He has used both theoretical and empirical approaches to study topics in health and human…
    prof.dr. (Hans) JLW van Kippersluis
  • dr. (Teresa) TM Marreiros Bago d'Uva

    Teresa Bago d'Uva is Associate Professor of Health Economics. She obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of York in October 2006. Her main research…
    dr. (Teresa) TM Marreiros Bago d'Uva
  • prof.dr. (Anna Petra) AP Nieboer

    Nieboer is a professor of Socio-Medical Sciences at the Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University. In the past decade, her work has…
    prof.dr. (Anna Petra) AP Nieboer
  • prof.dr. (Tom) TGM Van Ourti

    Tom Van Ourti is a professor of applied health economics with a focus on health and inequality. His research focuses on understanding the socio…
    prof.dr. (Tom) TGM Van Ourti
  • prof.dr. (Stijn) SL Reijnders

    Stijn Reijnders is Full Professor of "Cultural Heritage, in Particular in Relation to Tourism and Popular Culture" at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His…
    prof.dr. (Stijn) SL Reijnders

Erasmus MC

  • Dr. J.V. (Jasper) Been

    Pediatrician-neonatologist, Erasmus MC

  • Prof. dr. E.A.P. (Eric) Steegers

    Gynecologist, head Obstetrics and Gynecology, Erasmus MC

  • Prof. dr. J.P. (Johan) Mackenbach

    Chair of the Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC

  • Prof.dr. M. (Myriam) Hunink

    Professor of clinical epidemiology and radiology, Erasmus MC

  • Prof. dr. V.W.V. (Vincent) Jaddoe

    Pediatrician, Erasmus MC

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