Welcome to our lab

Erasmus Food Lab

Erasmus Food Lab aims to contribute to our positive change mission by focusing on the improvement of eating habits and sustainable consumption for shaping new global lifestyles.

We operate from our state-of-the art Food Lab on campus to set an example of sustainable food culture, bringing consumers, researchers, cooks and food entrepreneurs, and professionals together. We develop ideas in an academic surrounding for mainstreaming and marketing plant-based food solutions for now and the near future.

Behavioural Research

In our Food Lab, faculties, students, and corporations partner up, to develop research plans to create bigger impact on the sustainability programmes. We facilitate students to do behavioural research to help improve individuals’ sustainable consumption and companies can benefit from the knowledge through partnership.

Our goals are:

  1. To facilitate research for nudging consumer behaviour towards healthier, sustainable and more plant-based food choices.
  2. To establish inspiring relationships with organizations for sharing thoughts and ideas about creating sustainable and healthy habits and lifestyles.
  3. To create an engaging multidisciplinary behavioural food research arena to uncover market strategies for sustainable and healthy eating.
  4. Facilitate research concerning the perception of taste, sight and feel of food and the interaction of these factors in relation to healthy and sustainable food choices.

Sustainable Cooking

In our Food Lab, plant-based cooking classes inspire your daily recipe, enrich your social experience, and enable you to share your food while contributing to environmental awareness in an enjoyable way.

Our goals are:

  1. To develop and test new plant-based products together with food professionals.
  2. To test the marketing and perceived taste of old and new plant-based products.
  3. To organize food events and cooking workshops that bring students and other groups together in an enjoyable environment.


If you are reading these sentences, where ever you are, whoever you are, if this text has moved you, you are always welcome to contribute in your way. All kind of support is very much appreciated.

If you are a EUR student, we give you also a possibility to help you with your research with a theme that might be connected to our mission. 

Drs. mw. Pinar Coskun
E: p.coskun@erasmusfoodlab.nl
T: +31 6 18043739

Location: ground floor Mandeville Building