Welcome to our lab

Sustainable Food Lab @ EUR is a cooperative project of Erasmus Sustainability Hub and EUR Alumna Pinar Coskun to contribute to a societal transition by focusing on the improvement of eating habits and sustainable consumption for shaping new global lifestyles.

The project is under construction to be a research center and a living lab in one where participant learn, design, experiment and execute sustainable food management strategies from a consumer perspective within an urban environment.

Research center for accumulating theories

The center is supported by five faculties (ESSB-social sciences, ESE-economics, RSM-management, ESSB-psychology and FW-philosophy) in order to develop an interdisciplinary method. The central question of the research is: How to influence consumer behaviour towards a sustainable society where we consume more plant-based products?  Students will be facilitated to do their minors, master or PhD thesis around this theme. We will be designing and testing sustainable food strategies with entrepreneurs in the food and non-food sector where our daily food is offered to the consumer.

Living lab for best management practices

Living lab is a cooking studio for co-creation, evaluation and promotion of plant-based food choices.  Cooking workshops will be delivered daily during lunch and dinner for creating, tasting and sharing plant-based products. Participants consist of different layers of the society and business i.e. students, food professionals, policy makers, entrepreneurs, etc. They are involved as change agents and active designers of new eating habits and lifestyles. Their contributions will be used as inputs for formulating management strategies regarding the promotion of healthy, sustainable and plant-based food.

Project’s objectives

Contribution to science:

  • Researching the relationship between sustainability and food choice from a consumer perspective

  • Investigating personal sustainability for healthy choices

Contribution to public policy:

  • Development of sustainable food strategies for municipalities

  • Executing of Dutch Sustainable Development Goals, number 12: sustainable consumption

  • Engaging the youth to contribute to strategies concerning healthy and sustainable food

Contribution to trade and industry:

  • Evidence-based knowledge about consumer behaviour for sustainable food entrepreneurs

  • Management information for nudging our food choices

  • Sustainable food management strategies for S, M, L, XL, XXL businesses


Opening SFL in august 2016.

Be a part of it!...

It takes a whole village to educate a child!... and probably the whole city to educate the rest...

This is the philosophy that we keep in mind while working on our mission. So, if you are reading these sentences, where ever you are, who ever you are, if these text has moved you, you are always welcome te contribute in your way. All kind of support is very much appreciated.

 If you are a EUR student, we give you also a possibility to do your literature research with a theme that might be connected to project’s objectives.  

 Something else in your mind? Contact us any time...

Contact information

Drs. mw. Pinar Coskun
@ p.coskun@sustainablefoodlab.nl
T  06-18043739