EUR Sustainable Faculty

NameArea of expertise/interest
Samer AbdelnourSocial enterprise, organizational theory, globalization and political sociology
Ona AkemuCorporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship
Jimena AlvarezICE-ARC project
Muriel ArtsSustainable Marketing and CSV
Luca BerchicciHow managers develop and make use of firm's capabilities to achieve greater performance
Guido BerensThe effectiveness of corporate communication about sustainability
Bram van den BerghIntertemporal preferences, probabilistic choice, social dilemmas, prosocial behavior, embodied cognition and mate preferences
Michael BraungartCradle to Cradle, eco-effective products: i.e. products and production processes that are designed for closed loops and do not harm man or nature, but rather contribute to their well-being
Jan van den EndeDevelopment process of new products and services in firms
Willem FerwerdaLeading professional and strategic policy maker in ecosystems & biodiversity issues in relation to business, civil society organizations and government
Steffen GiessnerFollower's perceptions of leadership, antecedents of leader behaviour, non-verbal communication of power, the relation of mind and body in thinking about power, and employee support during organisational mergers
Laura GiurgeEthical leadership behavior
Teun Hardjono 
Eric van HeckFuture Energy Business centre, strategic and operational use of information technologies for companies and markets
Diana den HeldCradle to Cradle
Steve KennedyCorporate sustainability, climate change and sustainability-orientated innovation
Wolf KetterFuture Energy Business centre, utonomous and mixed-initiative intelligent agent systems to support human decision making in the area of business networks, electronic markets, energy grids, and supply-chain management
René de KosterSustainable logistics, warehousing, material handling, container terminal operations and behavioural operations
Leo KroonOptimization in Public Transport
Erwin van der LaanClosed loop Supply Chain Management, reverse logistics, sustainability, humanitarian logistics, inventory management
Salla LaasonenResponsible business, stakeholder engagement, participation processes, and cross-sector interactions
Jan Looman 
Lucas MeijsStrategic philanthropy, volunteer/non-profit management, corporate community involvement, business-society partnerships, voluntary energy as a natural resource, re-embedding voluntary energy, student-volunteering and involved learning (life long development by volunteering)
René OlieInternational and comparative management including research topics such as: How do companies achieve optimal integration in their cross-border operations given the many national and cultural challenges that are often present? How does societal context affect the background and functioning of top management? How do multinationals companies and their subsidiaries deal with the international challenges of the 21st century, including knowledge management and innovation
Marcel van OosterhoutInformation management and logistics management
Paolo PeregoThe evaluation of corporate environmental liabilities, and Management Accounting
Lonneke RozaCommunity relations from both the non-profit as the for-profit perspective
Sander TidemanSustainable leadership
Rob van TulderEuropean business, multinationals, high-tech industries, Corporate Social Responsibility, network strategies, smaller industrial countries (welfare states) and European Community/ Union policies
Ingrid de Vries 
Gail WhitemanResearch with multinational companies, particularly on the strategic role of companies within the transition towards low carbon, sustainable cities, and on the impact of natural resource extraction on local sustainability, and on drivers of sustainable innovation
Frank WijenInstitutional processes, globalization, and corporate and national environmental management
Amanda WilliamsSystems intervention and sustainability oriented innovation
Finn WynstraRelationship between purchasing and supply strategy, and on innovation and buyer-supplier relations in the area of business services
Dmitry YumashevApplied Mathematics and Economic modelling
Rob ZuidwijkFreight transport and supply chain management, with a particular focus on international logistics and ports, sustainability, and the role of information as an enabler. He has also worked on closed loop supply chains and product life cycle management