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Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable planet? On this page, you can read what you can do as a student or employee of Erasmus University Rotterdam to stimulate a sustainable way of living.

Sustainability: things you can do yourself

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Erasmus Sustainability Hub

The Erasmus Sustainability Hub is an all-student-led platform that creates awareness about sustainability on campus. Several new projects have started from the Hub, like the Edible Campus Garden, the Erasmus Foodlab, the EUR wardrobe. The Sustainability Hub also organises the annual Erasmus Sustainability Days.

Koken tijdens Science Open

Erasmus Food Lab

The Erasmus Food Lab offers professional cooking classes. All plant based, with transparent CO2 accounting and great recipes. The Foodlab is connected to several scientific researches from several faculties and offers a place to practice theory. Above all, it creates awareness about sustainable food, that tastes great and is fun to make!


Unilife is a professional app, built by students that offers all events, activities and special offers for EUR students. The aim is to make the app THE alternative for paper flyers. Goal: Flyer Free Campus!


CirculEUR is an all-student led initiative to make new products from PET material. On Campus. Making our own waste into new, usable products.

Moestuin op de campus

Edible EUR

This is an all-student led garden on campus. Every Friday students get their hands dirty to produce great veggies on campus. The products are used by the foodlab, Erasmus Sport and other outlets. Apart from the garden, the Edible Campus project strives towards more edible species on campus and, above all, to create more awareness about the source of our food.

PostPlastic Generation

PostPlastic Generation is an all-student initiative to raise awareness about our waste, the amount of plastic that we use and how to reduce it! They are famous for their creations made out of plastic waste from Campus.

EUR wardrobe

EUR wardrobe is an all-student-led circular clothing store on campus. Students bring and take clothing, no payments are being made.


Diandre is an all-student-led association that offers refugees in Rotterdam support. Language, social events, practical advice. On Campus, in close co-operation with some municipal services.


Organobike is an all-student-led delivery service of organic fruit for offices. The initiative offers people that are long-time unemployed or have a labor-handicap the opportunity to become active as a bike. driver.

Education in Transition

Education in Transition is an all-student-led initiative to get more sustainability into the curriculum at the EUR. With “teach-ins”, campaigns and a strong voice they want to urge the faculties to make sure sustainability is in each and every course.

Facebook group for vegans

Vegans@EUR is a group of students and employees of the EUR that (mainly) eat vegan and that promote more healthy and sustainable, vegan food on campus. In a Facebook group they exchange tips and ideas on how to make the food on campus more sustainable.

Earth Hour at Erasmus University

The Erasmus University yearly participates in Earth Hour, the yearly international initiative by the World Nature Foundation. During Earth Hour the lights are turned off for one hour to draw attention to saving energy and climate change.

Warm Sweater Day

The Erasmus University also participates yearly in Warm Sweater Day that is organised by Greenchoice and Klimaatverbond Nederland. On Warm Sweater Day the heating is turned down and wearing a sweater is promoted. By doing this attention is drawn to saving energy.

Volunteer work

Are you interested in volunteer work? Through the organisations below you can start volunteering in Rotterdam.