Renewable Energy

Dutch wind energy

Erasmus University Rotterdam buys Guarantees of Origin (GoO) of Dutch wind energy. For 2020 EUR bought roughly 17,500 megawatt hours of electricity. This equals about eight wind turbines which during the entire year produce sustainable electricity for EUR.

Heat and cold storage system

Erasmus University Rotterdam implements a heat and cold storage system, which is a system to store heat or cold in the soil. This system is used to sustainably heat or cool a building. The following buildings are already connected to a heat and cold storage system:

  • Erasmus Pavilion (including the first floor of Hatta Building);
  • University Library;
  • Polak Building;
  • and Sanders Building.

Currently, preparations are being made to also connect the new sports building, the new MFO II building and Theil Building. The corresponding wells will be drilled in 2021.

In the future, Van der Goot Building, Tinbergen Building, Bayle Building, and Mandeville Building will be connected to a heat and cold storage system. Regular warmth is delivered by the district heating system of Rotterdam (which comes from industrial residual heat).

Solar power

Erasmus University Rotterdam is also producing its own electricity by solar energy systems. Seven systems have already been installed at the roofs of Erasmus Building, the University Library, Theil Building, the Erasmus Pavilion, Polak Building, Van der Goot Building, and Mandeville Building. 

Solar panels




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