Academic top education

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Challenging and inspiring education

Erasmus University Rotterdam inspires students and challenges them to discover science-based solutions and break new academic ground. Lecturers are well equipped to facilitate them in these endeavours. Professors, associate professors and assistant professors have all obtained the Basic University Teaching Qualification and have the opportunity to avail of subsequent further specialisation.
Scholars with a talent for teaching can focus on investing in a career in teaching. For example, they can participate in the Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ) course or the Leadership in Education Course. This provides lecturers with the skills needed to introduce innovation into education and conduct education-related research.
Erasmus University invests in online education such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), apps, tools, and ‘flipping the classroom’. Flipping the classroom means that classroom instruction is offered online, allowing students to prepare in their own time. Attendance at lectures on campus facilitate the students to engage in face-to-face interaction with the lecturer enabling, through active dialogue,   more in depth exploration of the subject matter.  Advancing critical debate - one of Erasmus University’s  important aims – is stimulated with this approach.

High-quality academic education

Education is based on contemporary issues. Students are challenged to critically explore these issues. Each programme contains teaching guidelines for enhancing students’ academic and scientific skills. Furthermore, each bachelor programme has a research component.
The ten research master programmes focus largely on acquiring academic knowledge and skills that prepare students for a possible PhD pathway.