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Michiel Muller
“EUR connect is a great place to meet fellow alumni and also liaise with the current study community. Making it possible to give back though a mentorship, masterclass or providing financial support for scientific research that matters. Join today!”
Kudrat Kaur & Paramjit Yeyla
Founder & Head of R&D YETO
Romy Romeyn
Team leader OrganoBike
Liesbeth Enneking
Endowed Professor Legal Aspects of International Corporate Social Responsibility
Wilma Oosthoek
Co-founder Foundation Student & Nutrition
Ninotchka de Windt, Grant Manager at Erasmus Trustfonds
“Everybody in this network is close by, everybody is approachable”
Ibrahim Kaya, Analyst at Citigroup
‘I did my master’s in the US where it’s very common to be part of an alumni network. I missed that in the Netherlands.'