The Analytic Centre

The Analytic Centre (AC) studies the construction of new epistemic objects in the humanities and social sciences, both inside and outside of the Studio. The AC has a specific responsibility in the selection of research projects of the Studio: it reviews whether candidate projects fit in the overall research programme and to which themes and methodological foci they relate most strongly. To facilitate this, the AC is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Studio?s inhouse knowledge database. The AC organises workshops and seminars to which the researchers of the CP are invited to explore and develop common theoretical, methodological and practical concerns.

The staff consists of (senior) researchers, PhD students, postdoctoral research fellows, and visiting scholars. Science & technology studies (including the history and philosophy of science) and information science are the core fields in the AC, although the team is thoroughly multidisciplinary. The AC makes use of the same technological infrastructure as the CP. If new tools are added to the AC's toolbox (such as advanced data visualisation and simulation tools), they will therefore also be available to the researchers in the CP. Researchers in the AC may also be member of project teams in the CP, depending on the goal of the projects. The AC is responsible for the organisation of the in-house Studio Seminar in which the progress of all Studio research projects is discussed. This seminar is organised once a week and discusses one research project at a time on the basis of a presentation by project leaders.

The research in the AC, like the work in the CP, is organised according to the research themes and the methodological foci of the Studio. The main output of the AC will consist of articles in refereed international and national scientific and scholarly journals, of academic books which have a synthesising role, and of professional publications aimed at a larger audience. These results are also aimed to provide background information for scholars in the humanities and social sciences in the Netherlands about e-research. Where available and relevant, annotated data sets are made available to established data archives and repositories after completion of the research projects.

The research staff of the AC are members of the relevant Graduate Research Schools, either at the local or at the national level. The researchers develop their theoretical and methodological work in cooperation with university-based researchers in science & technology studies, internet research and information science (see also the Campus Site below). Studio personnel policy promotes part-time dual appointments with universities to create opportunities for teaching by the research staff in the Studio at the level of Research Masters and PhD degrees.

To further this interaction, the Studio maintains the "Virtual Knowledge Studio Campus Site" at one or more universities. This is a low-cost reservation of a lecture theatre of one of the universities on a regular basis, for example once a month. This Campus Site (CS) aims to reduce the barrier for students and university scholars to communicate with the Studio staff. The CS will be used to present the regular Virtual Knowledge Studio Lecture Series, to hold scientific workshops, seminars and outreach programs, to organise an information market twice a year where university students can explore the possibility of doing thesis work in the Studio, and to present the work developed in the Studio. Also, visiting scholars may make use of the CS to present their work to the local academic communities.