The Bloomberg terminals can only be accessed at the Polak Building. In Y03-18 (Bloomberg Class), we have 11 terminals available, one for lecturers and EDSC staff and 10 for EUR-students and EUR-researchers. When the Bloomberg Class is not booked for workshops you are free to work at a terminal, no reservation needed.

We have several manuals that describe how to download data. You can also ask questions to the helpdesk of Bloomberg (use the HDSK function). This live chat function is only available on terminal 1.

Bloomberg is an expensive financial databases that can be used by students, lecturers and researchers of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. But only for scientific and educational purposes. Using the terminals to download and sell data is strictly forbidden!

Important warning: on each terminal you can only download a certain amount of data. In other words: there is a download limit. This limit will be reset at the beginning of each month.

Rules of conduct Y3-18

  • EUR users only
  • Not for commercial purposes
  • Max 2 users per terminal  
  • Max 2 hours a day
  • You need to leave in case of a workshop
  • Clean desk policy