Bloomberg Class

Location: Polak Building, 3rd floor.

Opening hours

In the Bloomberg Class, there are ten Bloomberg terminals available for students and researchers of the EUR. Bloomberg contains financial data, including stock exchanges, bonds, annual report data, credit ratings and financial news. Are you a lecturer and do you want to use Bloomberg as a teaching tool? In this case you can make a reservation for the Bloomberg Class. Read more

Bloomberg rules of conduct

  1. You can use the computers in this Bloomberg Class to work with Bloomberg.
    When you are using the computers for other purposes, Bloomberg users and EDSC staff have the right to send you away.
  2. It is not possible to reserve a Bloomberg terminal. When you lock the screen, Bloomberg users and staff have the right to log you off.
    The Bloomberg Class can be reserved for workshops. Therefore it's possible 3-18 in the Polak building is temporarily not available for other users.
  3. Bloomberg can only be used by students and staff of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  4. Bloomberg can only be used for scientific reasons, so not for commercial purposes!
  5. No more than two persons can work at a terminal at the same time.
  6. Questions can only be directed at the Bloomberg helpdesk or the online form Ask the Datateam.