Smoking area Theil Building (C)

In accordance with government policy on this subject, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) wishes to restrict smoking as much as possible, hence observes the Tobacco Act. There is a smoking ban in all university buildings, with the exception of the smoking zones (outdoors).

Outdoor smoking zones

EUR has permanent outdoor zones for smoking. Smokers can go to the entrances of:

  • Theil building, Institutenlaan (near the skyway);
  • Theil on K.P. van der Mandele Square (right-hand corner);
  • Tinbergen building (underneath the Karel Appel overhang, 2 smokers'  stations);
  • Mandeville building;
  • Building E (rear).

On the tops of many campus litter bins, you will find cigarette butt extinguishers.

The smoking zones are located outside and are accessible 24 hours a day.

All users of the buildings are expected to be familiar with the smoking regulations on Woudestein campus and to observe them actively. Repeated breaches of the smoking regulations may lead to disciplinary measures.


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