Parking regulations motor vehicles

On all of Woudestein, standard parking rules apply, as well as a number of specific regulations. The latter are clearly indicated on signs or roads.
Security Services monitor adherence to parking rules, and are authorized to impose sanctions (such as placing a wheel clamp or – in extreme cases – towing away a vehicle).

Wheel clamp? Easily avoided!

Security Services place a wheel clamp in case a motor vehicle

  • is parked on a parking space for the disabled without a disability parking permit
  • is obstructing entrances or exits
  • is parked alongside yellow curbs
  • is parked in such a way that might give rise to danger or nuisance
  • has been registered on camera while passing the barriers together with another car, without paying. On a following visit, a wheel clamp will be placed.

A supervisor placing a wheel clamp will attach a warning to the vehicle in question.

Wheel clamp removal

To have a wheel clamp removed, please contact the Security lodge (W-building), phone (010) 40 81035.

Charges wheel clamp removal

The wheel clamp is removed after payment of € 25.

If a clamped vehicle is not claimed within 14 days, it may be towed away. Any expenses will be incurred by the vehicle's owner.
After 28 days, the towing company is authorized to hand the vehicle over to Rotterdam City Council.

More information parking regulations

Should you have queries regarding parking regulations on Woudestein, please contact the Service Desk, phone (010) 40 88880.