Open collection

You'll find the open collection of the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet on the first floor of the Library Building. New acquisitions are displayed on a large acquisitions display table for about four to six weeks. This allows you to draw inspiration and to get a good overview of new novels and other culturally significant works soon after they have been acquired. Would you like to borrow one or more of these books? Please reserve them via our online catalogue or by filling out the forms you find at each table and which you can hand in at the RLK desk. The books on display will become available for borrowing as soon as the display is renewed.  

The bookcases in the open collection contain recent novels in Dutch, English, French and German as well as books on Art, Design, History, Philosophy, Politics, Architecture and various other academic fields.

All the books in the open collection can be borrowed instantly and do not have to be reserved beforehand. Just take out a book and borrow it using the Self Service Library. The open collection furthermore provides the recent issues of journals (including news magazines); these are not available for loan but you may read them here at leisure.