Requesting and borrowing

If you wish to request or reserve books via the online catalogue please consult our Manual search and request. Books in the open collection (Library Building) can be borrowed instantly: just take out any book(s) you want and borrow them via our Self Service Library (SSL).

Almost all books kept by the Leeskabinet may be borrowed. Staff and students of Erasmus University as well as individual Leeskabinet members are permitted to borrow five books at a time. Extended membership ("household membership") entitles one to borrow twelve books at a time. The lending period is twenty-eight (28) calendar days.

Books printed before 1850 and other vulnerable or rare materials are not for loan. These can be consulted in the reading room.

1. Reserving and borrowing new acquisitions

New books will be displayed on the acquisitions display table for a number of weeks (generally four to six weeks). You may reserve them by filling out the forms on the tables, via the online catalogue or ask a Leeskabinet staff member. 

2. Borrowing and reserving from the open collection 

A selection of the much-requested materials is available from the open collection. You can recognize these books by the specific call number in the catalogue, which is typically RLK followed by four digits, say RLK 90.60. You do not need to request these books via the online catalogue but you may take these books directly from the shelves and borrow them at the SSL point. Books from our closed stacks always have a call number that starts with a letter after RLK. for example RLK B 5232 and  can be requested through the online catalogue. Books that are out on loan can be reserved via the RLK desk or via the computer catalogue.

3. Borrowing and reserving from the closed stacks

Books that are kept in the closed stacks can be requested via the RLK desk. Alternatively, select the wanted materials in the computer catalogue.

Furthermore, you may reserve books from home (7 days per week/24 hours per day) using your Leeskabinet Library Card. Students and staff of Erasmus University may use the UL card. Then, please pick up the books in the Leeskabinet department later.

Books that are out on loan can be reserved via the RLK desk or via the computer catalogue. Click on the button "Place hold / Reserveren" and the book will be reserved. The moment the book is returned you will receive a notification via email to come and pick it up at the SSL point.

4. Requesting periodicals

For requesting periodicals from our depository you can contact the desk of the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet: or 010 4081195

Please state title, call number from the catalogue and the issue / period or year you wish to request.