Special collections

The Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet collection includes historic editions and rare publications in limited editions. Most of these are private gifts or bequests.

One of our special collections consists of the former library of Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel (1845-1928). After the Leeskabinet was destroyed during the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940, it quickly re-established itself in the former residence of Van Rijckevorsel on the Parklaan. His library eventually provided the basis for the new Leeskabinet collection. The library of this scholar and world traveller contains many beautifully illustrated nineteenth century travel descriptions.

An important component of the Leeskabinet's collection is literature about and from Rotterdam. The library contains new books as well as obscure pamphlets printed in Rotterdam. Bequests from amateur historian L.J.C.J. van Ravesteijn and from former deputy librarian J.J. Walters formed the beginnings of our Rotterdam collection.

More information on our special collections is available in the literature overview.