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The Leeskabinet owns over 250,000 books and periodicals in the fields of history, philosophy, politics, religion, art and art history, linguistics, literature, music, architecture and various other academic fields. New titles are still being added. The collections contain many recent but also older novels, mostly in Dutch, English, French, German, but in other languages as well, for example: the Leeskabinet holds nearly a thousand titles in Spanish. Thrillers and travel guides are available as well. The journals collection includes both news magazines and learned journals. The University Library and the Leeskabinet have made agreements with regard to book acquisitions, taking into account each other’s acquisition policies.  

Collection Reading Without Borders

The Leeskabinet holds a collection international fiction, translated in English, which is called Reading Without Borders. New books are added to the collection in an ongoing process. What makes this collection stand out is its dynamic character: it is in great part thriving on the input suggestions of the international community working or studying at the EUR, as well as on the input of the international community living and working in Rotterdam.

In this manner, the collection Reading Without Borders offers our readers - via literature -  a unique way to get acquainted with the cultural backgrounds of each other. The popularity of the collection suggests it caters our readers' needs whilst at the same time adding an international dimension to what the Leeskabinet stands for, namely: to bring to your attention, spread and transfer cultural capital.
In our catalogue you can find our collection Reading Without Borders under call number 90.55.
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