Data Management Plan


Several reasons why you want/need to write a DMP are:

  • Research funding
  • Transparency
  • Understanding the data involved

Research grant suppliers and funding agencies increasingly demand research management plans and data paragraphs from researchers and check the submitted grant proposals on aspects of planned and embedded strategies to ensure that research data is archived in a sustainable manner and made available for further research

Documenting key aspects during the whole research process provides transparency, for instance for reproduction and validation purposes and even in cases where questions have arisen with regards to scientific integrity.

It results in documentation of key aspects during the whole research process, thus providing, in a practical sense, the context to understand the data, and the relations between them, in the course of time.

Templates, checklists & support

Research data management has a trivial aspect in the sense that funders require a data management paragraph, stating what the University’s Information Security Policy is and how data are securely stored. For this aspect, template texts and checklists are available.

Research data management also refers to research data related subjects such as IPR, data protection and privacy. In general, if you answer “yes” to some of the questions below, please contact us for support.

  1. Is the research conducted in an international partnership? (relevance: IPR / different legal systems)
  2. Is this partnership a public-private collaboration? (relevance: IPR / valorisation)
  3. Is sensitive or confidential data used in the research? (relevance: data protection / privacy )
  4. Will the research result in the creation of information and/or products that will become open access available, or commercially or both? (relevance: IPR)
  5. Is an infrastructure required for the processing / analysis / storage of the research data beyond which is available at the @wEURk workplace? (relevance: offering of facilitating services)
  6. Will the data processing be a manual activity, or is it automated and executed by scripts? (relevance: data protection and IPR)


For support regarding DMP’s please contact a specialist from the Erasmus Data Service Centre

Polak Y03-17
Phone: +31 10 4081232