EDSC for lecturers

The Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) offers several services to lecturers:

Tailored instruction

The EDSC’s Datateam may assist during lectures by showing students how to gather data. Biweekly on Monday group instructions on Datastream and Thomson One Banker are given in the University Library. Workshops on WRDS will take place biweekly on Wednesdays in the University Library. The Bloomberg workshops are given biweekly on Thursdays.

In consultation with lecturers, elements from these general instructions may be used in lectures or practical training sessions.

Delivery of data sets for exercises

Students may also practice with data sets delivered in advance. The data sets may be general selections or selections tailored to the exercise questions. The Datateam may deliver more data (including definitions) than is necessary so that students may learn to select relevant data. For example, for an exercise on Dutch cyclical and countercyclical stocks we can deliver a data set with data on all Dutch stocks and one or more indices for a specific period.

Bloomberg Class

Lecturers can reserve the Bloomberg Class for teaching purpose through Outlook: make a new appointment, use the Scheduling Assistant to addthe Bloomberg Class at 3.18 and select a day and time that is still available. The EDSC will confirm the appointment.

In the Bloomberg Class there is one Bloomberg terminal with beamer for the lecturer and ten Bloomberg terminals for the students. We advise a maximum of two student per one terminal so twenty student altogether for each session. Read more about the Bloomberg Class.

Lecturers can also borrow our Bloomberg laptop to show Bloomberg in their classes.


If you are interested in these services, and need more information, please contact the Datateam by using our question form with the remark ‘Datateam service for lecturers’ in the question field.