Workshops Financial Databases

The Datateam facilitates workshops (except for the months July and August) on the use of our financial databases. In quiet months we will offer one workshop per database a month and in busy months more.

We organize by topic, topics like stock prices, mergers and annual report data. By doing this we can compare ways to collect the same data from different databases in a single workshop. And if you know how to extract stockprices from Datastream you should be able to collect other data from Datastream as well. There is one exception: Bloomberg. Collecting data from this system differs greatly depending on your topic. That's why we will still offer a workshop specifically aimed at this particular database.

1Mergers & acquisitions, IPOWednesday15.00-16.00 
2Stocks, indices & index constituentsMonday16.00-17.00 
3Annual report dataThursday16.00-17.00 
3CEO & BoardTuesday16.00-17.00 
4Merging, data cleaning and event studyFriday15.00-16.00 
1Database: BloombergTuesday16.00-17.00 

For: EUR students and employees who for a considerable time collect financial data of quoted companies worldwide.
Duration: 45-60 minutes

Terms and conditions:

  • If no valid reason can be given for breaking an appointment, you will be excluded from this service.
  • Cancellation is possible up to one hour before your scheduled appointment by phone: 010 - 408 1198 or by e-mailing the Datateam.

You can sign up for a workshop by making a reservation in the electronic calendar. This is possible until 24 hours before the start of the workshop. You receive NO automatic confirmation of your reservation; you will receive a conformation the day before the workshop (because then we know if the minimum number of applicants has been reached).

We have a separate calendar for Bloomberg workshops: Bloomberg electronic calendar

The meaning of the colour of the box behind the workshop is explained below:

  • green: you can still sign up. The minimum number of applicants has not yet been reached.

  • yellow: you can still sign up. The minimum number of  applicants has been reached.

  • red: the workshop is fully booked. You cannot sign up for this session anymore.