History Didactics Collection

The University Library manages the History Didactics Collection (HDC), a unique collection dedicated to history education in the Netherlands and Europe. Publications about countries and areas outside Europe also form part of the HDC. The emphasis is on secondary education.

The collection of over 6,000 titles contains text books, work books and teaching resources for use in the classroom as well as didactic literature in the area of history education.

Government publications are also available, including learning plans as well as national and international professional journals. Historical fiction and a collection of map materials are another interesting addition.

The collection has been built up since 2007 in collaboration with the ESHCC Centre for Historical Culture. Acquisitions include donations from private individuals – mostly history book authors – and from organisations, such as Euroclio and CITO.

Titles from the HDC are not available for loan, but can be viewed in the Library. Use the advanced search screen in sEURch to find relevant titles in the collection. The Search Guide tells you how to do this and how to request them.

For more information, please contact the manager of the collection, P (Pieter) van Leeuwen, Faculty Liaison for the ESHCC.