The library has an extensive collection of books and journals on every subject that is taught at the Erasmus University. Searching for a book or journal? Look it up in sEURch, our search engine. On the following pages you will find more information about borrowing library books and journals:

    • Start searching for the book in sEURch. First, type a search term, title or author in the search bar. If you’re off campus a log in will appear. Log in as follows:

      • EUR student/staff? Click on Login with ERNA account
      • Select Erasmus University Rotterdam (first time only)
      • Enter your ERNA-ID (username and password)
      • Click on Log in
      • If you’re not an EUR student or staff member, select Users without ERNA account: login with library account

      The search result appears. Click on View all editions & formats near the book title you want to borrow for a complete survey of available editions.
      Is the book a printed copy from the closed stacks, you'll see a request number and the library location. For example:

      University Library Closed Stacks (for loan) 

      To borrow a book, do the following:

      • Click on the orange Place hold button
      • EUR student or staff member? Type in your ERNA username and password
      • Click on Yes, share this data (first time only)
      • If you’re not an EUR student or staff member, select Users without ERNA account: login with library account
      • Log in with your user name (=library card number) and library password.
      • Choose the pickup location of your choice at I want to pick up at
      • Click on Submit
      • Click on Close

      You will be notified by email when your book is available for collection.
      If you choose University Library as your collection location, your book will be available on the pick-up shelf on West 0 in the University Library. Take the book from the pick-up shelf and check it out yourself using your EUR student card or library card. Otherwise the book will be ready for collection at one of the other locations, as selected in sEURch.

      Course material and reference works are arranged by subject in the study areas at East 0 and East +1 in the library building. Consult sEURch to find the location of a specific publication. For example:
      University Library Open Collection with a location code, for example: 70.03 Gher
      You can borrow these books as well, just pick them up from the shelves. But you can also read them or photocopy pages from them.
      Requested books will be available for collection for seven days. Check the opening times for the Univerity Library before you collect your book(s).

      Is the book available online, you can click to the full text of the book via the button View eBook at Access online. Then click on the link to the database or publisher offering the e-book (eg JSTOR, EBSCOhost, Doab, Ebook Library).

      How to borrow a library book : video
      Borrowing, reserving and renewing: more information
      Opening hours University Library

    • If a particular book is not available for borrowing, then you can make a reservation. It is the same procedure as borrowing a book. See demonstration. Once the book is available, you will receive an e-mail notification. Students and employees of the EUR will receive this notification on their ERNA e-mail account. You have seven days to collect your reservation.

      Borrowing, reserving and renewing books: more information

    • To borrow books via sEURch as an EUR student or staff member you need your ERNA account to identify yourself. After identification, you can not only borrow books, but also check your borrower information or extend the loan period of your books.

      EUR students and EUR staff members:

      Erna ID: type here your ERNA username ( /
      Password: ERNA password

      Other borrowers:

      Other borrowers do this with a so-called Library account:

      Library card number: type here your library card number
      Library password: password of your own choice

      No library account? Follow the instructions for creating one in: What is my Library account

      Watch the video how to borrow/reserve a book: How to borrow a book

    • EUR staff / students may borrow a total of up to 50 books at one time. This total is 10 for other borrowers.

    • You can extend the loan period of your books with four weeks via sEURch:

      • Click on the Sign in button at top of the screen
      • Log in with* your username and password
      • Sign in changes into a button with your initials
      • Choose My account
      • At the tab Checkouts you'll see an overview of your borrowed books
      • Here you can extend the loan period of your books by clicking Renew at each book
      • Note: make sure that the Due Date has changed!

      * EUR students and staff members log in with their ERNA username. Other borrowers log in with their library card number. 

      Extending the loan period: more information on UL website

    • Books from the collection of the Erasmus University are located at different locations:

      • University Library (Woudestein, Univerity Library Building)
      • Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet (Woudestein, Univerity Library Building)
      • ISS The Hague (Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague)

      When you request a book via sEURch, you can choose the location to pick up the book.

    • You can hand in your books via the self-checkout on West 0 at the University Library or the 'book depository’ at the Polak Building, on the right of the entrance. If you deposit your books at the 'book depository' after closing time, then the books will be processed on the next working day and this date is considered as the filing date. During opening hours of the information desk, the book depository will be emptied several times each day. When this happens, books are directly processed and deleted from your outstanding loan record.

      If  you hand in your books at the self-return on West 0, you can get a confirmation of the items you handed in. at the information desk you can pay for costs you have made.

      Opening hours library and information desk

    • If a book that is in your possession has been requested by someone else, you will receive a free notification per e-mail.

      The loan period for books is four weeks. If you do not return the book in time you will receive a reminder after the due date and subsequent reminders after the second, third and fourth week. After that you will receive a bill for the replacement of the book.

      The fine for not returning books on time can be payed at the information desk of the University Library. Please keep in mind the opening hours of the information desk. Payment is possible either through PIN or credit card. Fines and other types of payment can also be paid online. In order to be able to do this, you first have to contact the library via the online form for instructions.

      Information about reminders costs and returning books

    • You can apply for a free library card at the UL through the online form. Make sure that the following data are listed in the question form:

      • Surname and the letter(s) of your first name
      • Faculty
      • Course or capacity group
      • Personnel number
      • Roomnumber
      • Phonenumber

      You will receive a notification via your ERNA e-mail account when your card is ready to be collected at the information desk in the University Library. You have to bring a valid ID in order to collect your card.

      More information about the library card on the UL website

    • Everyone can borrow books and view journals at the UL. Are you a student or a staff member of another university or university of applied sciences, alumni, private researcher or an employee of the Erasmus Medical Center? Read how you can become a member and about the other services you can use .

      Becoming a member: information on the UL website
      Information for non-EUR visitors

    • You can become member as a private researcher. A membership costs € 30,00 per year. Are you a graduate from the EUR and a member of an alumni association, then the UL will create a personal library card for you in return of an annual € 15,00 fee.

      Read about the conditions on the UL website

    • No. In order to borrow books, you need a student card or library card. Please report cases of loss or theft as soon as possible at the information desk at the University Library.

      More information on the library website.

    • If a book or journal article is not available in the library collection, then you can request this book at a different library. You need an ILL-account in order to do this. This is an account with an access number and pin code that will allow you to request the book or article yourself in PiCarta (the national catalogue). However, costs are involved.
      The ILL account is meant for employees, students of the EUR and for holders of a valid UL-lending card, such as alumni. Students and employees of other Dutch universities can contact their own library.

      Requesting a book from a different library costs € 3,00 for students and employees of the EUR. Requesting articles costs € 0,60 per page with a minimum of € 3,00. For private researchers other rates are in force. The UL charges your ILL costs via your ILL account. The balance of this account can be raised through the online form or at the information desk in the University Library with your pin code or credit card.

      Watch the video: Not in our library. Where else can you find it?
      Borrowing from another library: information on the UL website
      Complete list of fees on the UL website

    • Yes, you can extend the lending period yourself via sEURch. This is the same process as extending a book loan from the UL itself.

      Read: I want to keep my books a bit longer. How can I renew the loan period of my books?