Borrowing from another library

If a book or periodical article is not in the collection of the Erasmus University Library you can borrow this from another library. You need an ILL account for this. This is an account with an access number and pin code with which you can request books and periodicals yourself in PiCarta, the national catalogue.

The ILL account is for EUR staff and students and holders of a valid library card, including Open University students. Students and staff of other universities in the Netherlands can contact their own library for this.

Opening an ILL account no longer possible

The procedure for requesting a book or journal article from another library will change from January 2019. The library therefore stopped opening ILL accounts. Soon we will inform you about the new way of requesting.

Would you like to borrow a book or journal article from another library in the period until January 2019 and you don’t have an ILL account? Request it at the library information desk or make an online request. Mention in your request for a book: the author, title and year of publication and for a journal article: the article title, author, journal title, volume, issue and pages.

If you do have an ILL account? Then continue to use this until January 2019.

Charges and payment

  • The charges for EUR staff and students are different than those for other users.
  • You can top up the balance of your ILL account through payment with iDEAL or by arranging this at the information desk. As an EUR staff member, use the online form.
  • When you request a periodical article a basic fee is immediately deducted from your account. On completion of the request, final settlement is based on the number of copies supplied.
  • If a request is not carried out the amount deducted from your account will be refunded.

Requesting publications with an ILL account

  • Search the book or periodical article in PiCarta and click on Borrow (for a book) or Photocopy (for an article) at the bottom of the title information screen.
  • Enter your access number and pin code to identify yourself.
  • If you have requested a book it will be sent to the EUR University Library. You will be notified by e-mail when the book is ready to collect.
  • You have to return the book to the EUR University Library within four weeks.
  • Extend the loan period yourself in sEURch with your Library Account.
  • If you have requested a periodical article you can ask for a photocopy to be sent to a postal address or to receive a scanned copy of the article by e-mail.
  • Delivery of a book or article usually takes just over a week.

Requesting books from abroad

A publication that is not available in a Dutch library can be ordered from abroad by the University Library. You should allow several weeks for delivery. Books ordered from abroad cannot be borrowed, but you can use them at the University Library.