Fines and fees

Library card

Library card€ 30.00Valid for a year
Replacement library card€ 2.50 

Recall costs

1st recallFree 
2nd recallFree 
3rd recallFree 
4th recall€ 5.00 Library card blocked

Bill for replacement costs

€ 55.00 minimum charge

€ 50 replacement costs per book
+ recall costs

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Opening ILL account

€ 12.50

Initial payment

ILL charges for EUR students and staff

Books Dutch libraries€ 3.00 
Books urgent€ 12.00 
Books libraries abroad€ 7.50For reference use only
Articles Dutch libraries€ 0.60 per copyMinimum charge € 3.00
Articles urgent€ 1.20 per copyMinimum charge € 6.00
Articles libraries abroad€ 0.60 per copyMinimum charge € 7.50

ILL charges for other borrowers

Books Dutch libraries€ 6.50 
Books urgent€ 13.00 
Books libraries abroad€ 15.00For reference use only
Articles Dutch libraries€ 0.65 per copyMinimum charge € 6.50
Articles urgent€ 1.30 per copyMinimum charge € 13.00
Articles libraries abroad€ 1.00 per copyMinimum charge € 15.00


Books by postal service

€ 2.75

Only books from UL collection
and only with a valid library card