Library Building

The University Library has three levels: -1, 0 and +1. These are divided into an east and west side: East and West. East is a quiet area. Here you will find study areas to study individually and quietly. In West you can study as well, but also discuss and work together.

East -1: study spaces and study cabins
West -1: study spaces
East 0: quiet study spaces and the study area collection which consists of the: 

  • course material;
  • publications with subject classifications 01.00 to 55.00;
  • Research collection: publications on research management & academic skills;
  • Migration collection: publications on migration & immigrant integration.

West 0: study spaces, the information desk, the self-checkout and self-return, the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet, the printed general periodicals from the current year.

East +1: quiet study spaces and the study area collection which consists of:

  • the printed subject-specific periodicals from the current year);
  • publications with subject classifications 55.00 to 89.00.

The publications are arranged by subject. Number-based subject classifications are displayed on the bookcases. Consult sEURch to find the location of a specific publication quickly.

It is possible to borrow the books from the study area collection. Consulting them and copying is allowed as well. Most publications in the library collection are kept in a closed warehouse. These publications can be requested through sEURch.

West +1: study spaces

Polak Building

3rd floor:

  • Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC): provides access to financial and social science databases and gives individual support and workshops for students and staff of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). 

  • Bloomberg Class: class room with terminals for EUR students and researchers to use Bloomberg's financial database.

  • Datalab: external access to microdata for EUR researchers.

  • Instruction room Polak 03-20 (Y03-20): in this class room, the library provides instructions and workshops.

4th floor:

  • Information desk: for questions about the collection and study facilities.

  • The Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences study sections: Sociology/Public administration, Psychology and Pedagogical and Educational Sciences. All required literature for the courses is arranged in multiple copies in these study sections. 

  • Project room: four rooms with smartboard for working on projects and presentations jointly. Reservation of a project room is possible

G Building

The study section of the Erasmus School of Law, specifically for bachelor students, is located in GB-35. The course material is housed here as well.