A clear onboarding of master students

  • Project Manager CLI: Mirjam van de Woerdt (on behalf of Lucas Goossens and Jan-Willem Weenink)

Further improvement of the ESHPM onboarding to engage and activate students

Too many students in the ESHPM masters HEPL (health economics, policy and law) and HCM/ZoMa (healthcare management/zorgmanagement) have a consumption attitude/lean back attitude when it comes to studying.

They ask their lecturers questions that they could have easily solved themselves, or could have discussed with other students first, such as questions about definitions and other easy-to-look-into questions. They do not use the working groups to the fullest and aren't fully aware what's expected of them.

This takes the lecturers a lot of time that could have been used for more in-depth questions and interesting discussions to help students really develop and move forward.


The goal of this innovation project is to further improve the onboarding of ESHPM master students by designing several workshops and by advising on different teaching activities to clarify these expectations and hopefully engage and activate the students a bit more.


This innovation project is still being developed. When the project has been evaluated, the results will be published here.

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