CLI Fellow Gabry Vanderveen

  • Improving visual literacy of law and criminology students: developing educational materials

    Gabry Vanderveen is Associate Professor Criminology at Erasmus School of Law.

    How can we make our students’ visual literacy future proof? Technological developments have made it easy to create, share and present visuals. This has led to an increase in visuals in the legal system. Different types of visuals are created by many actors: (digital photos of) drawings, maps, photos and videos from security cameras, medical visualizations such as X-rays and fMRI scans, 3D models of crime scenes, timelines and visual legal communication (legal design). Therefore, more attention for visual literacy of criminology and law students is necessary. This project studies which educational materials and didactical methods improve visual literacy. In a (future) world of deep fakes and video analysis using algorithms, our students need to become future proof visually literate persons.

    > EUR Profiel dr. G. Vanderveen

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