CLI Fellow Marianne Littel

  • Know thyself. Mindfulness for professionals.

    Dr. Marianne Littel is Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology at Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

    Stress and burnout have become a growing epidemic among healthcare students, leading to reduced life satisfaction and psychopathology, as well as decreased academic performance, reduced empathy and professionalism, and poorer patient care. Therefore, an explicit focus on self-awareness and self-care as part of graduate training is critical. When healthcare students become more proficient in the exploration of their own inner worlds, and learn to attend to themselves in a kind, healing way, the greater their resilience, stress constancy and ability to help their future clients. With the CLI fellowship we will develop a course called “know thyself”, in which mindfulness and self-compassion are introduced as a means of maintaining the professional’s health and well-being, as well as a systematic way of training key healthcare skills, including attention, presence, curiosity, compassion, and self-regulation.

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