CLI Fellows Nina Holvast & Willem-Jan Kortleven

Beyond deficit thinking: towards more inclusive education and diversity policy at Erasmus School of Law.

EUR, and ESL in particular, has a diverse student population (including in terms of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic and cultural background). Although promoting diversity is high on the agenda, education and daily interaction with students still seems to be marked to some extent by 'deficit thinking' (a deviant profile is seen as a 'defect', which must be addressed in some way). repaired). With this project we want to detect the implicit hurdles that such an approach entails and then come up with educational innovations to minimize them. The aim is to address the shortcomings in daily (legal) educational practice. In this way we want to help promote a more inclusive approach, in which all students are given equal opportunities and unnecessary drop-out or lagging study results are reduced.

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